How to treat the parquet

For a quick and easy maintenance, here is a solution for those who do not have time to clean the parquet but do not want to give up, not only to an aesthetically beautiful floor, but also to a healthy environment.

Is it correct to think that oiled parquet is a delicate surface and difficult to maintain? This is an prejudice and now we will explain why.

Thanks to Osmo products, oiled parquet floors have a surface resistant to wear and dirt, can be treated and maintained quickly and easily, without any exceptional intervention.

The combination of oils and waxes is a microfiltrating, impermeable, walk-resistant mixture without being film-forming. The oily component penetrates into the wood and saturated pores, the waxy part settles on the wood surface protecting it.

Osmo products allow the removal of food and drink stains, reviving the surface.

The great convenience consists in using a single product as a detergent for ordinary cleaning, for the maintenance and renewal of oiled parquet, on the surface.

Let us also remember that “oiled parquet” is not synonymous with “healthy”, and that “organic / natural oil” does not necessarily mean that the floor does not emit substances harmful to humans. For this reason, for our Tuscan Oak floors, we choose the vegetable-based oil-wax finishes from the Osmo company; these finishes have all those characteristics useful to the consumer when he has to choose a product that guarantees the health and well-being of such a precious wood and the surrounding environment. We talk about safe, healthy, controlled and purified products in natural components, free from any toxic substance.

Moreover the Osmo system emphasizes the naturalness of the parquet, absorbs light without reflecting it, providing a warmer atmosphere and at the same time guaranteeing protection and durability of the parquet surface, as well as ease of care and maintenance.