August 8, 2018

Great Wines Series

Great Wines Series in its two light and dark colours recalls the nuances, flavours and aromas of white and red wines typical of the Tuscan hillsThese characteristics make the Tuscan Oak parquet absolutely unique and, at the same time, refined and precious just like a “bottle of good wine”.



  • Thickness 1,4 cm
  • Width 15-19-23 cm
  • Length from 60 to 270 cm

List prices:

multilayer oiled and serrated 68,90 €/Sq + VAT


Botte di “Maro” 1997 – Red

The typical depth of the dark colour of Tuscan Oak parquet is able to transmit the whole class, elegance and strength of a material, 100% natural, capable of characterizing every environment.









Paglierino di “Maro” 2016 – White

Light colour Tuscan Oak parquet is able to intensify every environment thanks to its aesthetic charateristics of great value such as knots and flamings. 100% natural choice.









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