liber maiorichinus fronte

Impermeability, resistance and durability of Tuscan Oak

As evidence of the ancient use that is made of Tuscan Oak we mention the famous Liber maiorichinus de gestis pisanorum illustribus, the chronicle in late Latin, written between 1117 and 1125, which tells the epic military expedition led by Pisans and Catalans against the Muslims at the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza (1113-1115). The undisputed protagonist Read more about Impermeability, resistance and durability of Tuscan Oak[…]

bosco di querce

The cultivation of Tuscan forests

Maro Cristiani from his young age  commits himself, giving all his love and care, in the cultivation of the Tuscan Oak forests in which are erected plants of Turkey Oak, English Oak, Durmast Oak, Downy Oak and Holm Oak, all belonging to the Oak family. Tuscan hills are characterized by a dense network of trees and Read more about The cultivation of Tuscan forests[…]

vino e parquet quercia toscana

Tuscan Oak and wine

Maro Cristiani with his love for Tuscan hills, its colors and its fruits have realized QOT (Quercia di Origine Toscana) brand to identify all the products born from the tuscan oak wood, an exceptional material for its resistance, quality and hardness. Among the most charateristic results we find the Tuscan Oak barrels. The taste of Read more about Tuscan Oak and wine[…]

Italian and 100% natural parquet

  The company Maro Cristiani s.r.l. propose an italian, and precisely tuscan, parquet in all its production phases. We start from cutting of the trees that grow a few kilometers from the company –the wood is harvested respecting the conservation of natural resources, under observation and advice of the Forest Ranger; for us, cutting the Read more about Italian and 100% natural parquet[…]

parquet Versailles a quadrotte nella Reggia di Versailles

The Versailles style parquet flooring by Maro Cristiani

The study of the decorations of the ancient Royal Palace of the Bourbons of France led us to the reproduction of the Versailles parquet floor, wood floor, famous for its Quadrotte, which recalls the splendor of an illustrious past, reinterpreted in a modern way. What is the story of the prestigious floor that gives treasure Read more about The Versailles style parquet flooring by Maro Cristiani[…]

Trattare il parquet

How to treat the parquet

For a quick and easy maintenance, here is a solution for those who do not have time to clean the parquet but do not want to give up, not only to an aesthetically beautiful floor, but also to a healthy environment. Is it correct to think that oiled parquet is a delicate surface and difficult Read more about How to treat the parquet[…]

parquet in toscana

Ultrathin Tuscan Oak, the innovation

Oak parquet is also … thinness! Our Tuscan Oak is so resistant that we considered the possibility to obtain an ultrathin parquet. The ultrathin parquet, which is perfect for easy and stress-free renovations, is also a great way to enjoy the beauty of the wood, especially when thickness is a limiting factor. Ultrathin Tuscan Oak Read more about Ultrathin Tuscan Oak, the innovation[…]


Oak Varieties

Tuscan Oak has a great visual impact: it combines its charming beauty with an amazing hardness, two qualities which absolutely make it a leading product in the parquet world. Our Tuscan Oak parquets are obtained by the controlled cut of a series of woods of the Oak family: Turkey Oak, English Oak, Durmast Oak, Downy Read more about Oak Varieties[…]