Tuscan Oak and wine

Maro Cristiani with his love for Tuscan hills, its colors and its fruits have realized QOT (Quercia di Origine Toscana) brand to identify all the products born from the tuscan oak wood, an exceptional material for its resistance, quality and hardness.

vino e parquet quercia toscanaAmong the most charateristic results we find the Tuscan Oak barrels.
The taste of a wine aged in seasoned barriques of Tuscan Oak is something extraordinary. The resistant barrels welcome a red wine with a very structured flavour that guarantees pleasantness, the balance of tannin gives a feeling of fullness that only an essential element like this can provide, the perfume then, decisive and immediate, reaches the nostrils to invade them with a smell that gives a natural and intense fragrance.

The tradition of barrels entered in italian culture for a long time, this is the why we like to rediscover the charateristics and colours of the wood barrels in our floors.

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