Italian and 100% natural parquet


marchio quercia toscanaThe company Maro Cristiani s.r.l. propose an italian, and precisely tuscan, parquet in all its production phases.
We start from cutting of the trees that grow a few kilometers from the company –the wood is harvested respecting the conservation of natural resources, under observation and advice of the Forest Ranger; for us, cutting the wood is equivalent to its cultivation and this promotes the care of the health of the wood itself-.
We proceed with the sawing of the strips, their assembly and the consequent pressing, creating a parquet that will then be finished.
Everything happens literally within a very small range, we are talking about distances that are of the order of a few ten of kilometers.

Can you imagine the positive implications of an enterely autochthon production?

We would like to suggest some of them. Just to begin we put our look to the attention that this process reserves for the protection of the environment and its sustainability; secondly the historical and social value due to the different qualities of our Tuscan Oak (turkey oak, durmast, downy, english oak and holm oak) from which we obtain the wood that makes our parquet authentic; finally, but not least, the production chain is realized so close to allow us to satisfy our customers’ requests for processing and finishing the floor, choosing between brushed or planed parquet, with oil, wax or varnish, end phases of production, but to be able to intervene also during the process itself following the requests of those who want to customize their parquet choosing the thickness and obtaining a real bespoke floor.

To give you a more realistic idea of what appens a few kilometers away from us, a video will soon be available to document what we have illustrated so far.